They want to break his legs. It's a good thing he's already got that little scooter. Oh…yeah…the guy in the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on! Fun and failure both start out the same way. After all, why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else noticed?

I am getting rid of this thing. It has caused me nothing but pride and self-respect. I'M A MONSTER!! Operation Hot Mother.

For the same reason you should believe a hundred dollar bill is no more than a hundred pennies! You're losing blood, aren't you? Gob: Probably, my socks are wet. What do you think about Sudden Valley? It sounds like a salad dressing, but for some reason I don't want to eat it. Heart attack never stopped old big bear! Chickens don't clap!

The only thing more terrifying than the escaped lunatic's hook was his twisted call… Hey campers! The guy runs a prison, he can have any piece of ass he wants. I think I might have someone who's going to circumvrent the law. Heart attack never stopped old big bear. Family Love Michael. I'm not a prostitute. Michael: Then I shall let you live! She's trying to prove that she's closer to my children than I am, but the joke's on her, because she doesn't know how little I care for GOB. NO TOUCHING!

No. I was ashamed to be _seen_ with you. I like being with you. You can always tell a Milford man. No, I was ashamed to be SEEN with you. I like being WITH you. Well excuse me for liking the way they frame my junk!

Actually, that was a box of Oscar's legally obtained medical marijuana. Primo bud. Real sticky weed. Turns out he ended up getting too friendly with the teddy bear. What, so the guy we are meeting with can't even grow his own hair? COME ON!

Those are balls. I'm not interested in you that way. Tobias: What way? Michael: Pick one. I need a tea to give my dingle less tingle. Speaking of settling, how's Ann? I will pack your sweet pink mouth with so much ice cream you'll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block! Hey, if I can't find a horny immigrant by then, I don't deserve to stay. Go ahead, touch the cornballer.

I run a pretty tight ship around here. With a pool table. It's a gaming ship. You can control your bladder when you're dead! Well, I spent so much time making sweet love on my wife that it's hard to hear anything over the clatter of her breasts. The only thing I found in the fridge was a dead dove in a bag.

I think I might have someone who's going to circumvrent the law. I never thought I'd miss a hand so much! Well excuse me, Judge Reinhold! And that is why Jesus was often referred to as the King of Kings. Queens. The King of Queens. I'm sure, wherever your father is, she loves you very much.

Who? i just dont want him to point out my cracker ass in front of ann. I see you've wasted no time in filling my seat hole. Yes, Annyong. Your name is Annyong! We all know you're Annyong! Say goodbye to THESE! Yes, she happens to be more experienced than a normal girl, but sometimes love should be… terrifying. It was for me. I was going to smoke the marijuana like a cigarette. These are my awards, Mother. From Army. The seal is for marksmanship, and the gorilla is for sand racing.