You don't want a hungry dove down your pants. I'm afraid I'm with Michael on this one. The guy runs a prison, he can have any piece of ass he wants. Oh, like when they say "poofter" to mean "tourist", yes. One for the ladies. There's a new daddy in town. A discipline daddy. It looks like you've been looking for dragons… in the future. I didn't mean who… I meant… her? Absolutely. And we're going to be here every day. I don't care if it takes from now till the end of Shrimpfest.

I've always been deeply passionate about nature. Perhaps you remember Neuterfest? M: I'll never forget your wedding. Am I in two thirds of a hospital room? Well, I spent so much time making sweet love on my wife that it's hard to hear anything over the clatter of her breasts. Hey, it was one night of wild passion! And yet you didn't notice her body? I like to look in the mirror. She calls it a Mayonegg. Popcorn shrimp… with club sauce. George Michael, you want to put your head down there by his drainage shunt?

You're a good guy, mon frere. That means brother in French. I don't know how I know that. I took four years of Spanish. A million ****ing diamonds! You're losing blood, aren't you? Probably, my socks are wet. Wine only turns to alcohol if you let it sit. Saw this on the highway and almost blue myself. Hop on?

The Man Inside Me seems well reviewed. Obviously this blue part here is the land. It feels good to be back in a queen! Buster, what are you doing with mother's rape horn?

A lady of the evening. Working girl. She turns illusions for money. Hey, maybe you could pop a tent outside with your cousin Maeby… it'd be a good chance to rub off on her. Don't call my escorts whores. It just seems like there's still light coming in from under the door.

Her lawyers are claiming the seal is worth $250,000. And that's not even including Buster's Swatch. That's so you can videotape it when they put you in a naked pyramid and point to your Charlie Browns. [Stabbing Gob] White power! Gob: I'm white!

Taste the happy, Michael! Taste it! A sea of waiters and no one will take a drink order. Am I in two thirds of a hospital room?

That coat costs more than your house! Chickens don't clap! Butterscotch! Want a lick? But I'm the oldest. The matriarch if you will. And although the intervention didn't work, it turned into one of the Bluth family's better parties. Michael, you are not quite the ladies man I had pictured. Hopefully, we will remedy that when we are in the spa spreading body chocolate on each other. I know she's a brownish area! With points! And I love her!

They frame my junk. Don't ask "Can I"… ask "I Can!"

Heyyyyy, hermano. Chicken fingers… with spicy club sauce. Oh Gob, you could charm the black off a telegram boy. She calls it a mayonegg. ♪♪ It ain't easy being white. It ain't easy being brown. ♪♪